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Benetti’s largest Gigayacht Arrives

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Benetti’s newest gigayacht, the longest yacht ever to be built by the Italian yacht builder Benetti should have no problem ocean crossing with a 91,000-gallon fuel tank, one of the largest for a yacht her size.

The latest toy of Australian Billionaire, casino mogul and superyacht collector James Packer, the new 354-foot Benetti gigayacht named IJE has just arrived.

The floating palace is estimated to have cost around $200 million. It was handed over at the builder’s Livorno yard, just in time for the stunning Mediterranean cruising season.

Packer, 51, recently sold a stake in Crown Resorts, his entertainment, and casino company for $1.8 billion named IJE after his three children: Indigo, Jackson and Emmanuelle.

Don’t confuse IJE, with EJI however, Packers 180-foot Dutch-built Amels superyacht that he took delivery of late last year and off-loaded five months later for $47 million.

Before EJI, Packer was the owner of a massive 288-feet converted German ice-breaker Artic P, which he gifted his sister in 2017.

Recently, Packer has owned and sold several superyachts including the 170-foot Amels Seahorse, a 165-foot go-fast Mangusta named Z Ellerston and the ballistic 150-foot Leopard named Z Sydney.

Benetti’s newest gigayacht, however, is the crown jewel of the Packer fleet. Code-named FB275, IJE is one of only three gigayachts, so-called for their 100-plus-meter (328-foot) length, launched by Benetti this year within months of one other.

IJE features twin MTU 3,800 hp diesels delivering a top speed of 18.5 knots. Cruise at an impressive 14 knots and with her giant 91,000-gallon tanks, she has a range of 6,500 nautical miles.

The stunning Benetti interestingly incorporates a 670 hp electric Schottel pump-jet system for short-distance, zero-emission, low-speed cruising -perfect for sneaking out of those quaint Mediterranean ports.

In addition to her 11 cabins for VIP guests and 15 for the crew of between 29-32, the yacht comes with all the toys you’d expect from an entertainment mogul, like a sauna, gym, imersive cinema and huge heated pool.

She features more than 10,000 square feet of outdoor deck area which includes an immense observation deck with fire pit and a foredeck with space to accommodate the two 45-foot tenders.

IJE was designed by Britain’s RWD who incorporated a handsome five-deck ‘wedding cake’ aluminum superstructure with a 3,367 GT interior engineered by Benetti’s in-house team. Benetti has said an unbelievable 500,000-plus man-hours were put into creating the interior spaces.

In September of last year, Packer bought Danny DeVito’s Holmby Hills mansion in LA for $80 million and owns property in Palm Beach, Aspen, Argentina, New York and back home in Sydney where he splashed $60 million for a two-floor condo.

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