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The new Bombardier Global 7500

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The new Bombardier Global 7500 is in a class of business jet all its own.

The Bombardier Global 7500 Interior

The Global 7500 jet has the most impressive specs of any business-class jet. At a touch over 54ft, the Global 7500 is the longest and the only purpose-built jet with four fully customizable spaces, making it the largest in volume and perhaps most important, the fastest, reaching up to 710mph with a range of 7,700nm.

The impressive business jet broke all the speed records last year when traveling between Los Angeles and New York, and soon after repeated those feats once again traveling from White Plains, New York to Luton, UK.

The New Bombardier Global 7500 also completed the longest nonstop business-jet flight in history when it traveled 8,152nm from Singapore to Tucson, Arizona.

The Global 7500 seats more than 18 passengers in absolute comfort, and you can customize each cabin module however you wish. There’s even the option of a highly optioned movie theater and choice of bespoke furniture. The stateroom with en-suite (full shower included) and ample storage space is an absolute must for the private flyer. A functional dining area that is the full width of the cabin easily accommodates six people for those sky-high dinners.

The Bombardier Global 7500 Interior

If cross-continent travel is more your thing, the Bombardier Global 7500 has you covered. You will certainly arrive well-rested thanks to the unique Soleil lighting system. A first in private aviation, the Soleil circadian-rhythm-based lighting system features Dynamic Daylight Simulation technology: Program the time at your destination and the lighting will mimic the sun’s position, helping with jet lag and boost energy.

The unique lighting system also changes at night to increase the production of melatonin to encourage a night of restful sleep. The crew benefits as well, with a dedicated crew suite close to the galley so they too can remain well rested on long-haul flights.

The Bombardier Global 7500 Interior

The Global 7500 impressive spec list goes on: It features ultra-large windows, turbo heating and cooling to optimize cabin temperature within minutes, and ensures the optimized cabin pressurization to help relieve jet lag.

The new Bombardier Global 7500 is also the first aircraft from the manufacturer to feature Bombardier patented new Nuage seats, designed in collaboration with International industrial designers. Surprisingly, the Nuage seats are the first complete seat redesign in private aviation for more than 30 years. The seats float on a base with a centered swivel to create fluid movement without the need of confined track systems.

The Bombardier Global 7500 Interior

The Nuage seat also features a deeper, more comfortable recline via a tilt-link system, a tilted headrest and an armrest with a 45-degree ergonomic slant. The Global 7500 doesn’t stop there with the finest of detail; The plane also comes with a full-size steam oven and boiling kettle a first in private aviation history.

After the Global 7500 earned its FAA certification in late 2018, the first plane was delivered in December 2018, and since then 15 to 20 planes were delivered by late last year.

At just over $72.8m per jet before options, The Global 7500 is proving a hit with the Fortune 500 companies.

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